About Me:

I am many things, but primarily among them I am a researcher, I am a tutor, and I am a Undergraduate. Now, what do I mean when I say that I am a researcher, well beyond the fact that I currently do research in the Haussler-Salama lab at UCSC, this means I am inquisitive, and I want to understand how the world around me works. I am interested in probing the biological systems to figure out how they work. More specifically I am interested in going into research related to Prions, and Prion-like diseases, such as Kuvu, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease. Second, I am a tutor, this is for the simple fact that tutoring allows me to help others in a close and tangible way. More specifically I am a tutor for Genetics, one of the classes that has a large failure rate at our campus, and I take great pride in helping others overcome the difficulties of this class. Finally, I am an undergraduate, I am a dual major in both Mathamatics and Molecular Biology. You may ask yourself as I do sometimes. Why? Well I am a dual major because I feel that in order to be well prepared in the increasingly interdisciplinary world where big data and informatics, in general, is becoming more predominant, it is important for me to understand mathematical logic to help with coding, and an understanding of biological systems in order to understand the statistics that I generate.

Looking for more information about my specific research? Check out a summery of my last year Looking Back on Summer 2019