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Week 2: Time for an Abstract

This week was fairly calm and a spent a fair amount of time getting to know my other BD2K members. On monday after a workshop on abstracts, I spent the whole day in the dry lab getting my scripts working the way that I need them to with lots and lots of flags, and a configuration file that I later was told by colleen to remove and replace with yet another flag. I am quite proud of this script because it runs relatively fast and is highly variable in it’s function. In fact it is so variable i ran out of single character flags.

The next day I had to start writing my abstract for SACNES this was hard because I still did not completely know what the ultimate goal of the project was, but after a lot of help from colleen and four drafts I completed it!

The week, however, was not all work because wednesday wat the fourth of july and me and the rest of my cohort went down to the board walk to celebrate. The festivities started with playing pokemon go and heading to the boardwalk from where we parked on pacific street, and we got ice cream on the way. Then when we got to the boardwalk we headed over to the indoor mini golf and played in two groups because the maximum group size was four. After mini golf we headed over to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. Finally after dinner we walked around the boardwalk and watched the fireworks before heading back to campus.

On thursday I did two major things, first I commented all of my code so that anyone else that comes after me can adjust my code to fix any bugs that get introduced, and I finished up my abstract. The abstract was the hard part but I had a lot of help from both my PI and colleen. That was all I did that day.

The next day however I started by going to a workshop about how to use the genome browser, then I worked in the wet lab for the rest of the day. In the wet lab I started by helping colleen remove some cells from a buffer media. Then we resuspend the cells in a proper media for DNA isolation. Finally in order to isolate the DNA colleen taught me how to use the SAGE machine.